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Information About Anxiety

About Anxiety

Anxiety is a basic human instinct that comes from our innate ability to protect ourselves from danger – something we have evolved to be really good at doing...

Sometimes it may be that this instinct becomes so sensitive that it begins to feel as if instead of working to protect us, it becomes a negative force in our lives.

How Anxiety Can Feel

This can mean in your daily life you experience feelings of panic, develop phobias, suffer with post traumatic stress or have anxiety around leaving your home.

These feelings can all have a negative impact on other areas of your life such as your job, social life, health, school work and relationships.

Sometimes anxiety is not confined to one thing but is a more general feeling in sorts of situations and about a wide range of things. It can be difficult to ‘switch off’ because it feels as if there is always something causing anxiety. In these situations it can create a vicious cycle that can be difficult to break – feeling anxious about feeling anxious...

Does this sound familiar?

Counselling Help For Anxiety

It can feel really challenging to take the first steps but I am here to support you and can answer any questions you may have so that you know what to expect.

I'm here to help and together we can look at what may be causing your anxiety so you can begin to understand yourself and how to break the cycle.

In a safe and supportive environment we can talk about how anxiety may be impacting your life right now, as well what may help you with your feelings. Please remember you are not alone and we can work together to create a package of counselling and therapy that is individual to you and that meets your needs.

Is it time to talk?

Perhaps I can help you get to where you want to be..

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