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Information About Depression

Feelings of depression affect about 1 in 6 of us in any one week in the UK. Getting some support from someone who is not a family member or friend and being able to talk honestly and openly about how you feel can be really helpful for depression.

About Depression

We all experience ups and downs throughout our lives, but sometimes we can begin to experience the 'downs' much more often and for longer periods. Depression can affect anyone at any time in their lives and can often have several characteristics - particularly a feeling of being low or sad for several weeks or months at a time without necessarily being able to say exactly why.

Feeling this way over time can also mean that your relationships or work might be affected which can then add to you low mood creating what can feel like a never ending exhausting cycle. You may even notice you begin to have difficulty with sleeping, changes in your weight or a lack of energy - which again can contribute to feelings of depression - making even the smallest things seem difficult to tackle.

How Depression Can Feel

Depression can really have an impact on so many areas of your life, but some common characteristics include:

  • Feeling sad/low for weeks at a time

  • Feeling tearful

  • A lack of confidence/low self esteem

  • Not enjoying things you do or not being interested in things you once enjoyed

  • Feeling there is no hope for the future

  • Thoughts about harming yourself

  • Not taking care of yourself/not caring what happens to you

Sound familiar?

Could now be the time to talk?

Counselling For Depression

It can feel really difficult sometimes to see a way forward if you are experiencing feelings of depression - but the first thing to say is that you do not have to face it alone...

I am here to help and together in safe and supportive environment we can look at what may causing your low mood so you can begin to understand how to find a positive new direction.

This could be talking about past experiences, your current experiences and how these may be impacting on your life here and now as well as looking at strategies to help you day to day. Together we will agree an individual bespoke counselling or psychotherapy package to help get you to where you want to be.

N.B. you may also want to consider speaking to your GP about the help they may be able to offer you and if you feel you are in crisis and need immediate urgent help, please go to Other Help to find details of who you can contact.

if you are looking for some help with your depression, why not contact me for your free no obligation 'nothing to lose' consultation to discuss how counselling could help you find hope and a way forward

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