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Approaching a counsellor can feel quite daunting and you may have lots of questions you would like to ask before making any decisions to go ahead and book sessions. I hope that this page might answer some of those questions, but if you would rather talk in person, please feel free to get in touch by phone or email or call to book your free consultation and we can talk face to face.

Questions About Counselling?

What is counselling?

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

Generally speaking counselling is a more short term therapy that looks at what is happening now in your life and supports you to make the immediate changes you want.

Psychotherapy is usually over a longer period of time and will perhaps take a broader approach, giving you the opportunity to look at issues in the context of your life experiences.

In reality, the difference between the two is not clearly defined and the terms are often used interchangeably.

What type of counselling do you offer?

There are many different counselling approaches and each has a different view as to what may be causing our difficulties.

The basis of my approach is from a person centred perspective which means I believe everything we do or do not do has a reason. Accepting this and exploring what we get out of the things we do even if they don't always seem helpful to us, means we can deepen our understanding which leads to potential change.

However, I also have training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and am familiar with other counselling approaches, particularly Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, so we can discuss whether it would be beneficial to integrate aspects of these into our work together.

How does counselling work?

How can a person-centred approach to counselling help me?

Person-centred counselling can be particularly helpful for issues such as depression, anxiety, abuse, stress, bereavement as well as relationship issues as it gives you space to talk about your own experiences in the way that you want. You are accepted and your counselling sessions are used in a way that will help you most.

Will you tell me what to do or give advice?

As a counsellor favouring a person centred approach, I will not tell you what to do or give advice. I believe that you know yourself and what works for you better than anyone else and we can talk about what works best for you together in our sessions.

Will you tell anyone else what we talk about?

Counselling sessions are confidential and we will discuss exactly what this confidentiality means when we meet for the first time.

Do I have to come every week?

Counselling sessions last for one hour and are usually arranged weekly (free initial consultations are for 30 minutes). You can have as many or as few sessions as you want or book a package of sessions in advance for a discounted fee.

What does it cost?

My fees per session start at 30.00 per one hour session, but will depend on how many sessions you require, the type of therapy package and the complexity of the issues you would like to work on. We will talk about this in more detail before you make any decisions and as part of your free consultation appointment.

What's next?

I am interested in talking to you some more how do I get in touch?

If you feel ready and would like us to try and work together on issues important to you or if you have any more questions, please get in touch - here are my contact details:

Telephone or text : 07935 679005 or email:claire@cegcounselling.co.uk

If I am unavailable when you phone, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can

Where are you located?

I work in Lincoln and my office is at 72a Newark Road, LN5 8PY (see image below). Please phone before visiting in person as there is no permanent reception - I will meet you when you arrive

Bridge Venue

I am happy to answer any other questions you have and you can always contact me on 07935 679005 or email me at claire@cegcounselling.co.uk

Alternatively you can always contact me to book your free no obligation 'nothing to lose, everything to gain' consultation and we can talk in person about any concerns or questions

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