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My fees are tailored according to the amount of sessions you require and the complexity of your individual needs and goals for therapy. My fees start from a competitive 30.00 per session, but when you come for your free 'nothing to lose' consultation we can discuss fees or the fee package most suitable for you.

There are two types of fees - you can either pay as you go or you can book and and pay for sessions as a block in advance which means the cost of each session is discounted.

Weekly Pay As You Go

If you choose weekly pay as you go, we will still agree a regular weekly date and time for your sessions but instead of paying for all your sessions in advance, you can spread the cost over the course of your therapy.

At your first session, you will make a payment to cover your first two appointments and then will pay for each session as you go - so you will always pay in advance. This means that at your last session there will be no fee to pay.

Therapy Packages

If you want you can choose to book and pay for a course of therapy sessions (minimum of 6) which will be charged at a discounted rate. We can talk about how this works at your consultation appointment.

Remember I will work with you to find a counselling therapy package to suit you. Why not contact me to talk about booking a free no obligation 'nothing to lose' consultation to discuss how counselling can help you get where you want to be?

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